Frequently Asked Questions

Australian Menus and Compendiums will always have a number of your products in stock.  This is to ensure that should there be a design fault we can replace the menus in a timely fashion.  We have found over the years that the main cause of menus needing to be replaced is because they are stolen.  Australian Menus and Compendiums will have all your details on file for easy replacement.
Buckram is an extremely hard wearing material and is coated in a varnish that is easily wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth.  It is important not to use any other cleaning products apart from a damp cloth on the material.
Our aim is to ensure the customer is happy with the product.  With this in mind it may take a week or so to ensure the design is exactly what the customer desires.  Australian Menus and Compendiums like to have the product delivered within two weeks after the final design is agreed upon, however depending on the availability of cloth this could change.
We have found over the years that customers return to us after about 3-4 years.  Most of the products that are manufactured and made in a material called buckram, which is a hard wearing book cloth.
The owners and operators of Australian Menus and Compendiums, David and Helen Raymond work in the business as well as on the business.  Customers who wish to leave feedback are encouraged to contact David on info@ausmenus.com.au  or alternatively phone 1300 275434.
Australian Menus and Compendiums have very competitive pricing.  In order to keep these prices the business requires 50% deposit upon ordering and the balance in seven days of invoicing.
All menus and compendiums are designed and handcrafted in Australia by qualified bookbinders.  The bindery is based in  Queensland and caters Australia wide. Postage is calculated on delivery from your closest capital city.